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Oxeris enables you to enhance security, localize and manage your mobile assets.

Oxeris for PCs: desktops, ultrabooks, laptops and netbooks.

Oxeris protects your PCs and sensitive data they store against loss or theft. It enables you to remotely manage your devices, regardless of their location.


Oxeris for smartphones, tablets and PDA devices

In case of loss Oxeris enables you to restore your personal data stored on smartphones, tablets, PDA and similar devices. It can also help you to get back your device, or lock it up when it is misplaced.

Benefits of Oxeris®

Oxeris was created especially to help you effectively manage your mobile devices, proactively prevent negative impact of data and device theft, and secure asset tracking. Thanks to a wide spectrum of features Oxeris enables you to:

  • Remotely lock up your devices in case of theft
  • Maintain hardware and software inventory
  • Recover and/or delete sensitive data from the lost devices
  • Monitor your devices with a alerts and notices

Oxeris is a cloud solution, so you can access it via a web browser. It means that in practice you can use it wherever you are and have internet connection.


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Optimize efficiency

  • Manage computers and mobile devices centrally
  • Automate IT processes
  • Increase the accuracy and quality of resources control

Reduce costs

  • Optimize existing equipment
  • Avoid unnecessary purchases
  • Lower electricity costs

Minimize risk

  • Recover lost or stolen equipment
  • Delete remotely sensitive data from missing devices
  • Control the legality and status of your IT resources

Improve policy and organizational culture

  • Take care of the organizational culture level
  • Improve control of business policies
  • Avoid fines